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Serving Forest Lake, Hugo, and the surrounding communities.

The new website of Harvest Church can be found at HarvestChurchFL.org.

This website will still hold valuable information while the transition is underway and for historical purposes will remain available following the transition. However, as of December 8, 2007, this website will no longer be updated. All new information will be posted on the new site.

To learn more about Harvest Church, see 'About Harvest Church'.

Please note that these services will not be at the Lake International Language Academy location, but at the church building located 0.2 miles south of Highway 97 on Harrow Avenue (which is 1.25 miles east of Highway 61).

Please join us on Sunday, December 23 at 10:00 AM for our Christmas worship service, which will feature our children singing with the worship team. Expect this service to be about 1-1/4 hours, the usual length of our Sunday morning service. Please plan to stay for Christmas treats during the fellowship time following this service.

On Christmas Eve, Monday, December 24, we will be having our first ever Christmas Eve service at 5:00PM (45 minutes long). See the bulletin insert (.pdf) for information about the Christmas Eve service.

Join The Youth Group!Following a great Kick Off on Thursday, November 8, here's what's coming up next:

Attention all 5th through 12th graders: Our next youth group meetings will be on Thursdays, November 29 and December 13, 6:30-8:00 p.m. We will meet at the Brumbaughs' home. During our meetings, we will play games that help us to learn more about each other and to help us apply what we are learning. We will continue our study on the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5. A time to socialize and share dessert will be provided at the end. If you have questions or need directions, please contact David Brumbaugh. We hope to see you there!

Watch this space, or a special youth ministries page that will be coming soon, for more news on youth ministries at Harvest Church.

Pastor Paul will be leading an effort to get missions to be a integral and highly valued part of Harvest Church. He has presented challenges to us on Sunday mornings and recordings of these are available for review below.  Each is about 10 minutes (5 MB). Highly recommended.

October 28, 2007                       November 3, 2007

Pastor Charles Causey has returned following his 15 month deployment to Iraq as an Army Reserve Chaplain. Pastor Charles has resumed his duties with Harvest Church and will be delivering the message at this Sunday's worship service. Please join us, and if you are new, please introduce yourself to Pastor Charles.

More information about his time in Iraq will be posted in the future. Please keep on a lookout for that.

Beginning July 29, 2007, Harvest Church moved it's Sunday morning worship service to the Lakes International Language Academy facility in Forest Lake, with an accompanying time change to 10:00AM.

Lakes International Language Academy (known to some as the "Spanish Immersion School" or "the old hospital"), is located at 246 11th Ave SE (map), just 1 block east of Highway 61 (11th Avenue is the next stoplight north of Highway 97). Or, from Century Junior High, go north across Highway 97 on 8th Str SE for 1/2 mile, then turn left at 11th Avenue and travel west 5 blocks.
    Parking is available on the west side of the complex and we will be using the entrance near the southwest corner, just beyond the gymnasium.

With this change, we expect to have less disruptions (where we need to meet at a different facility) than was the case at Century Jr. High School. However, it is always a good idea to check this page for any changes that might come up.

    From the very beginning, and during the moves related below, we have always held that "Harvest Church" is the people, not a building. We have had the following opportunites to test that idea.
    When being developed, starting in 2003, Harvest Church was envisioned as a church serving Hugo, MN, and the surrounding communities. In June of 2004, when Harvest Church first launched public worship services, there were no suitable public facilities available in the city of Hugo where we could meet on Sunday morning. Through God's providence and the extreme graciousness of the people of New Life Church, Harvest Church began meeting for worship on Sunday evenings at the New Life Church building in Hugo. This met our needs quite well at the time, but Harvest Church fully intended to move to a Sunday morning worship service as soon as God lead us to suitable facilities.
    As the search for such a facility extended outside of Hugo proper, we were lead to Century Junior High School on the south side of Forest Lake, just 7 miles up Highway 61 from downtown Hugo. We began meeting there on October 15, 2006, with a 10:30AM service time.
    In July 2007, Harvest Church made the move to another facility, the newly expanded facilities of the Lakes International Language Academy, just 1/2 mile north of Century Junior High School. With that change, the starting time for the worship service was moved to 10:00AM.
    While we feel blessed to have had access to quite suitable rented homes, we continue to investigate the opportunities to purchase land to provide for our long term needs. We are prayerfully seeking God's leading in this area. 

Please monitor this page for notice of any future facility or schedule change that may be required with our continuing rental arrangements.

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